Welcome up, welcome home.


Imagine a place never before experienced, high, high above the city. Here you wake with an expansive view of Gothenburg. This is where you live in a highly contemporary apartment, designed by some of Sweden’s leading architects. You have access to a gym, pool and a unique level of service – order your evening meal, send your washing down, or get your flat cleaned before the weekend’s dinner party. You can take the lift straight to the cocktail party in the sky bar, the barbeque in the shared garden or drinks in the hotel bar. Welcome up! And welcome to a new way of living.


We have now launched all of the apartments in Karlatornet and viewings take place regularly at our Showroom in Gothenburg. At sernekebostad.se/karlatornet you can see all available apartments, including prices, layouts and views. For further information in English, please contact us at karlatornet@serneke.se.

Housing for all and a new landmark for gothenburg, sweden and the entire nordic region


From Karlatornet you have a clear view to Vinga, Marstrand and the Pater Noster lighthouse. And of course city landmarks such as Älvsborg bridge, Skansen Kronan, the Liseberg theme park, Kämpe bridge and Keiller Park.

"Building the tallest building in the nordic region is a dizzying prospect."


The idea of building Karlatornet first emerged a long time ago. Step by step the dream of constructing the tallest building in the Nordic region has become more defined and together with my colleagues and architects, we have finally drafted plans for the building. Occupancy can begin in 2021, and the entire new area with home, offices and businesses will be completed a few years later. The vision that we had in 2005 is now a step closer to coming to fruition.


Karlatornet in good company


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, who designed Karlatornet, are behind some of the world's tallest and most spectacular buildings. The internationally-known architects have won more awards than any other firm, and naturally, are at the forefront of contemporary architecture.



Living in Karlatornet


This is where we’ve designed 550 well-planned flats for individuals, couples and families. This is where you live in a state-of-the-art apartment, carefully designed by some of Sweden’s leading architects. You will have access to a gym, pool and several shared facilities. Here are some images to give you a foretaste, and will hopefully leave you wanting more.

Bedrooms to dream of


Sleep well. And wake with an unrivalled view over the city and water. With the sun and clouds as your neighbours, every morning is an experience, and sunset becomes a fantastic spectacle. Generous amounts of daylight creates space and contact with the city and the view outside. Floors of wide oak pannels welcome tired feet.

A living room a cut above the rest.


Living in Karlatornet is anything but ordinary. Interiors are characterised by design features, materials and details that create a unique environment. Outside, a view that is hard to take your eyes off. An experience way above the ordinary. In Karlatornet, we have taken care to source materials that create possibilities, while at the same time creating a sense of harmony. There's space for your own tastes, and quality is of the highest standard throughout. Delightful oak floors, solid sliding doors, recessed spotlights and well-thoughout out solutions that make the most of the view.

Delicious kitchens.


A really modern building must of course have contemporary kitchens. Here you will find well planned kitchen areas where you can prepare food in smart and easy ways: specially selected appliances and innovative materials that make it easier to keep workspaces clean. Here it is easy to find inspiration and have plenty of space to meet family and friends. Cupboard doors are smooth with moulded grips, the ceilings are light, floors of wide oak planks, and lighting fixtures and sockets are discreetly positioned. Surrounding yourself with smart solutions and colours make the kitchen a delightful place for small and large meals.

Bathrooms that give you an exellent start of the day.


Here you can collect your thoughts and plan your days. And at the end of the day, this is where you can recharge your batteries. The bathrooms in Karlatornet are packed with smart solutions and everything is of the highest possible quality. Underfloor heating, granite ceramic floors and walls, large mirrors and hidden power sockets are all details that make for an exceptional experience. Attention to every conceivable detail completes the package, and the package makes your bedroom to a place that you will long for.

A unique home. From bathroom

What would you like for breakfast?
Maybe the whole of Gothenburg?

Karlastaden, a city in a city


The heart of Gothenburg is growing. Lindholmen is already one of the city’s most expansive areas, and thanks to Karlastaden, it will grow to include 10 new neighbourhoods of homes, offices, businesses, pre-schools, schools, health centres and everything else that you need to live here. There will also be a large hotel with a restaurant and bar in the lower levels of Karlatornet. This will be an area buzzing with life. You get here easily on public transport, and new transport alternatives are planned, potentially including a cable car that will be a fast and easy way to across the water. In neighbouring Lindholmen Science Park, home to many Swedish and international businesses, perhaps you’ll find your new job here too?

For more info, visit Karlastaden.se.

Gothenburg is growing, both vertically and horizontally


Never before have so many people lived in our beautiful city – and more and more people want to move here. To ensure that more people have the chance of living in a pleasant area in Gothenburg, we are creating a new city centre in Lindholmen. We do this by building tight and tall. There are also many people who want to live in a green city, so there will be several green roofs, and Karlatornet will feature its own terrace with a garden on the 12th floor.

In all, there will be 2,000 new appartments, 560 of which will be in Karlatornet. In the surrounding areas, all conceivable services will be available. A wide variety of stores will ensure that you will have everything you need, just a few steps from the lift door. And of course there are plans for a large number of restaurants and cafés offering a variety of choices.

Think hotel, but home.


Karlatornet will provide residents with a unique service offering. Order room service directly to your apartment – perfect for a supper after a long day or brunch after a long night. It will also be possible to order cleaning, washing etc.

All apartments in Karlatornet have access to a number of shared facilities. Take the lift directly to the hotel’s pool or gym. Here you can do cardio, free weights and yoga. Maybe you’ll be motivated by the view? You can also takes the lift down to the car park, where there is space for your car – unless you opt for a car from the local carpool. In the cooler area in the entrance you can pick up groceries you’ve ordered online. Even your pampered pooch is catered for – welcome to Karlatornet’s very own dog spa.

+24 Degrees all year round.


42 seconds to the gym.

24 / 7 / 365 Room service.

Go out to eat, without going out.


Don't want to cook tonight? Just take the lift down to the restaurant, or head for one the local neighbourhood restauants. Here you'll find different cuisines, cafés, markets, and bakeries. There's fast-food if you're in a hurry, and places where you can while away the whole evening. This selection will make the entire area a destination for food lovers. International hotel guests and everyone who works in the area create a natural and lively buzz.

"International luxury meets scandinavian restraint and elegance"



The apartments in Karlatornet are designed by two renowned Swedish architect agencies, Andreas Martin-Löf and KUB. All apartments are based on a contemporary, holistic design, where function, materials, and views are obvious and important elements. Materials are of the highest quality throughout, and the architects have chosen to maximise the view from every room. Smart kitchen solutions, walk-in closets, and the latest technologies underpin the overall feel. All apartments will have for example, access to the tower's own information channel via smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. Even the smaller apartments have an open and airy feel due to, amongst other things, fantastic views that intensify the experience of each room and apartment's size.





High over Gothenburg with a view over land and sea, you’ll find the Sky Bar. This will be a fantastic meeting place for pre-dinner drinks, an after-work livener or a quiet drink at the end of the night. The Sky Bar will be a natural hub for Gothenburg nightlife, and an attraction in its own right that will attract visitors from far and wide. The bar’s viewing platform is open for all. Welcome up, up, up.



Everyone who lives in Karlatornet will have access to the tower’s own garden. Here you’ll find plants that create a green oasis above the city – with a fantastic view for a backdrop when you barbeque, sunbathe and just enjoy life. A shared kitchen and library is located just next to the garden ideal for hanging out and partying. When you want to go inside, you can slip into the film room or the games room a few floors down.

Karlatornet Skylevel

Welcome to Karlatornet Skylevel.


Imagine a place that nobody else has ever experienced, high, high, above the city. Here you awake to an amazing view over Gothenburg. Here you live in an ultra-modern apartment with access to a gym, a pool, and a unique level of service - order your evening meal up to your apartment, send your washing down to the laundry, or get your apartment cleaned before this weekend's dinner. Here you take the lift straight to the mingle at the Sky Bar, the barbeque party on the shared roof terrace, or the get-together in the hotel bar. Here you take one step and are immediately in the midst of what's happening among the shops and restaurants in Gothenburg's new neighbourhood.

Skylevel are the apartments right at the top of the tower. They are a cut above in terms of size, quality, materials, and service. Here you'll find an unrivalled view, optional extra services from the hotel, and selected, exclusive outlets. These floors are exclusively reserved for residents that live on these floors, which means that other residents do not have access to the lifts. Here you'll also have access to a private gym and yoga room. A home of high, international class.

Karlatornet Skylevel

Here Gothenburg's skyline is part of the decor


Living in Karlatornet is anything but ordinary. Inside, design, materials, and details create a unique environment. Outside, there is a view that is hard to tear yourself away from. An experience far above the ordinary. In Karlatornet we have made every effort to source materials that offer flexibility, while at the same time creating harmony. Your own tastes can make themselves felt, and the level of quality is high throughout. Oak floors create a comfortable feel, and solid sliding doors, and well thought through solutions make the absolute most of the view. The living room and eating area are open plan, close to the kitchen, which creates a large communal area with the maximum view of Gothenburg.

Karlatornet Skylevel

Tasteful. And that's before dinner is served.


Naturally, a genuinely modern building must have a the latest technologies in the kitchen. Kitchens are especially designed for Skylevel and feature white goods from Gaggenau, and counters from Terrazzo. Selected apartments offer adjustable flumes in islands and wine coolers. You'll also find well-planned positioning of features so that you can prepare food in smart and easy ways. Here you'll have selected appliances and materials that make it easier to keep your kitchen tidy. Here it's easy to find inspiration and plenty of space to host friends and family. To surround yourself with well-planned solutions and colours makes your kitchen a wonderful place for dinners large and small.

Karlatornet Skylevel

Your day could not begin any better than this.


Here you can collect your thoughts and plan your day. And at the end of the day, you can recharge your batteries here too. Skylevel bathrooms are packed with smart solutions and quality is high throughout. Floor warmers, large mirrors, hidden electrical sockets, distinct black faucets, large, marble-like tiles, specially designed cupboards, and a genuine eye for detail makes this a place that you will long to.

Karlatornet Skylevel

Bedrooms, with space for dreams.


Sleep well. And wake with an unparalelled view over the city and water. With the sun and moon as neighbours, every morning is an experience, and sunsets a fanatastic spectacle. Large amounts of daylight create space and contact with the city, and the view outside. Many apartments on Skylevel have balconies and walk-in closets. Experience the feeling of staying at a hotel, at home.

Karlatornet Skylevel

Materials that intensify the experience.


"My vision for the interior of Karlatornet is to create precisely executed designs where international luxury meets Scandinavian restraint and elegance. We use a muted colour palette for the top floor. Dim grey-coloured spheres on the walls and ceiling, and muffled pigmented oak for the floors meets matt Antracita kitchen furniture. A terazzo, which we developed especially for Karlatornet, and a light marble hint at accents in the counters and bathrooms. Faucet and fittings in brushed black chrome create contrast."

Andreas Martin-Löf. Head architect for Karlatornet's interior design

Karlatornet Skylevel

That hotel feel. Every day.


Karlatornet will offer residents the option of a unique range of services. Order room service directly home to your apartment – perfect for a dinner after a long day or brunch after a long night. There will also be the option of ordering cleaning, laundry services, etc.

All Karlatornet residents have access to several shared areas. Take the lift straight to the hotel pool or gym. Here there is space for cardio, free weights and yoga. Skylevel also has a private gym and yoga room with connecting bathroom.

Skylevel residents have unlimited access to all areas, including the hotel’s spa and VIP club with the option of special offers and services..

You can also take the lifts straight down to the parking garage. Here you’ll have a space for your own car – or you can choose to use the local car pool. In the cool room in the entrance you can collect your groceries that you ordered earlier online. In the tower you even have access to a dog-sitter: welcome to Karlatornet’s own dog spa.



If you are interested in an apartment in Karlatornet, please contact the brokers. You can fill in an interest application on Serneke’s website where you also find the prices and layouts for all available apartments.

Karlatornet level 5-57: sernekebostad.se/karlatornet
Karlatornet Skylevel level 59-66: sernekebostad.se/karlatornet-skylevel
Karlatornet Penthouse level 70-73: sernekebostad.se/karlatornet-penthouse

For more information, please contact Karlatornet’s brokers.
Level 5-66: Nytt Hem: marie.guregard@nytthem.se
Level 70-73: Eklund Stockholm New York: niklas@esny.se